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There’s so much that we need to share

Last year I posted a List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who have Everything. This year I’ve made a List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything, Including Everything on the List I Posted Last Year, or the LOAGIFRWHEIEOTLIPLY, for short. Continue reading

And if it was warm she wouldn’t wear much more

Ontario doesn’t have four seasons. We have at least six seasons. Winter, pre-spring, spring, summer, autumn, pre-winter. For the runner these are known as freezing, cold, rainy, bloody hot, mild, chilly. Continue reading

I’ve got my orange crush

My least popular posts are the ones in which I write about my latest unnecessary running purchase. You’ve been warned. Continue reading

I see plenty of clothes that I like

I am weak.   I mean, obviously I need a pair of pants to wear over my superman running tights.  I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to use the word necessity.   These athletic pants in which I do not actually intend to be athletic are definitely a necessary-not-frivolous purchase.  I think even Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen would approve of this pant purchase.

p.s.  I admit it.  I don’t have much to say today and a wiser blogger than me recently gave some helpful tips on how to craft a blog post out of absolutely nothing.  The result: a photo of someone (attention stalkers: not me) in a pair of pants and a link to a blog post about posting about nothing and the required Charlie Sheen mention.  Success?  I think so.

Title: Sinead O’Connor – The Emporer’s New Clothes. 1990.

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Last night I went for a New Year’s Eve jog (going out pre-party was ambitious enough, I couldn’t bring myself to actually run).  Outdoors.  In Canada.  In winter.  Those last three statements are noteworthy because I wore my new Bermuda short shorts for the first time.  And I was worried about having a chance to test run them before the marathon.  Pfftttt.  I’d like to thank Global Warming for this timely opportunity.

The revellers, on their way to various horn-blowing festivities, were greatly impressed by my winter short shorts moxie.  I even earned a Happy New Year and comment compliment on the shortness of my shorts as I “sped” by a drunk pack of ladies wearing similarly skimpy garments.

New year’s eve run complete, now it’s time to dust off those failed running resolutions goals from January 2010.  It’s the third R.  Recycle.  The time-honoured tradition of recycling resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Title: Ella Fitzgerald – What are you doing New Year’s Eve. 1960.

Friday’s Mixed Tape Volume 3

Another lazy Friday, except it’s Thursday.  Well it’s Friday somewhere.  I think.  Those international date lines always confuse me.  Let’s just say the weekend is starting a day early for the holidays.  This week’s mix brings you a few seasonal selections and other cool running tidbits that I read on the Internets in the past week.

Hint: coloured text is a hyper link to an awesome story.  Click to enjoy!

  1. Raise Your ‘Ade.  Perhaps the best running rap song I’ve ever heard.  Also the only.
  2. Why running a race is better than Christmas shopping.  Easier too.
  3. You have one day left to shop!  Check out DC Rainmaker’s 2010 Holiday Gifts for Endurance Athletes.  He is THE Gadget Guru and my source for all techie gear reviews.  Dear Santa, please follow this link.
  4. The perfect training food?  186 grams of carbs and 23 grams of protein PER SERVING.  I’d like two please.  And a triple bypass for dessert.
  5. Running gloves to buy for.  Yeah, that’s a lame play on words.  To die for is a weird saying.  Maybe I should just call this post “the last-minute gift your girlfriend or girl friend who runs will love”.
  6. I was tagged in one of those meme things and my answers to a series of questions appear here, in the fine world of Sweaty KidCheck out the comments section.  When vegetable am I?  It’s complicated.

There goes a dogfish chased by a catfish

I found my Bermuda shorts.  Or as close as I’m willing to get if I have to run 42.2k in them.  They are arguably the exact opposite to Bermuda shorts in length, in that they are really short, not just above the knee; but they are plaid, which in my mind is Bermuda-ish.  I’m not sure I got that right.  But they were On Sale!  Now I just need to test out my new gear on a long run before the marathon.  In Canada.  In winter.  This is going to be a cold 30K. 

Also, that is totally me in the picture. 

Title: B-52s – Rock Lobster.  1978.