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Mix Tape Volume 23

Mix_TapeFound this one in a draft folder from several months ago. I just left a potluck and I’m too full of cheesecake to sit and write, so I’m opting to hit publish. The articles may be dated and irrelevant, the links may be dead, but I feel good for having made another contribution to the Internets. Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 22

The Mix Tape celebrated its one year anniversary and then faded away. Faded because I now do almost all my reading on wee little gadgets and have pages bookmarked on four different devices and I’m too lazy busy to re-find my favourites. I spent the better part of Family Day long weekend ignoring my family and cleaning up my messy digital life, but still didn’t revive the mixed tape. Today I don’t feel up to addressing the Boston-sized elephant in the room, instead I want to carry on with something familiar. The mixed tape.

Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 21

Around this time last year I started the mix tape.  The original goal was to post a new mix weekly, but sporadically seems to suit me better. I can’t be confined by a calendar.  This week is the best yet.  (Like every good reality TV show, I’m going to make this promise every week). Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 19

This is a super-sized edition – I spent some time cleaning up my bookmarks and transferring to a new feed and I’m too lazy to edit down to the best it’s all worth reading.      Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 15

A selection of articles from around the Internets that every runner should read.  Each one guaranteed* to make you run faster. Continue reading

Weekend Mix Tape Volume 14

The Mix Tape is back and better than ever*.  Try to contain yourself. Continue reading

Weekend Mix Tape Volume 13

The 13th edition of running stuff from The Internets that is more interesting than my hypochondria injuries, complaints about spring, and barn raisings: