I’m just gonna keep on counting

I can’t seem to keep the local shoe population under control. New ones are appearing faster than the old ones are driven to the farm where old shoes go to run free in big open fields. 

I live in what is now the most expensive city in Canada. Translation: I live in a very small compact house box in the sky. One that does not have room to accommodate the population boom.

Six months ago I pruned my shoe collection. I got it down to 17. A few pairs were donated, three* pairs were banished to the storage locker (a transition zone to test whether I want to give them away or wear them some more), and three* brand new pairs that don’t fit are resting in their original boxes under my bed (size 8, never worn, any offers??). The remaining pairs are multiplying like wet gremlins.

For those who appreciate photo proof, the running shoes currently stuffed in my foyer closet (no, I did not drag them from the closet just to take this picture, I was cleaning the closet and thought, “hey, good bloggers take pictures of crap like this”, so I took a picture):

Pictured: 16* pairs & 7 different brands 
(No, I’m not rich or extravagant, I only paid for 8 pairs).
(No, I’m not a shoplifter – just the very lucky recipient of free/heavily discounted gear every now and then).
(This messy pile of shoes is probably making Inspired By Dooce feel quite twitchy.)

*For those counting, that’s an embarrassing 22** pairs of running shoes in my home.  5 more than when I counted 6 months ago. I really don’t even know how it happened. I don’t even remember buying more shoes.

My goal before the official start of spring is to run down two of pairs of shoes, sell the three unwanted brand new pairs of shoes (seriously, make me an offer!), and donate all the extra pairs lurking in storage containers. I was going to make a goal of no new shoes in 2012, but I won a gift card in a race and I need to use to before June, and not using it would be like throwing money away, so those will be my only new pair of shoes in 2012.

**These are just my shoes. Husband probably has just as many (he is also not rich or extravagant and he is also the lucky recipient of free/deeply discounted gear every now and then).

Title: Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine – 1-2-3. 1988.

15 responses to “I’m just gonna keep on counting

  1. Parting with the shoes in some ways feels like I am giving the miles back. I know that makes little sense…

  2. It only makes me twitchy when they’re supposed to be in straight lines but aren’t. Your random ‘blob’ of shoes works…my husband’s almost straight lines? Definitely twitchy…🙂

  3. I think the current number of running shoes and cross trainers in my apartment is 11. I can use more? Maybe? I also wear an 8 in running shoes. What are you trying to sell?

    (I always kick myself when I go to races and forget to bring retired pairs to donate.)

  4. next time when you go shopping, could you please get a pair in 9, or 9.5, since you might not be wearing them, at least I will be able to make you an offer🙂
    surprisingly a lot of Nike shoes…

  5. So which do you like best?

  6. I have a similar abundance of shoes. I’m lame though and “can’t” get rid of some pairs for one lame reason or another. I’m trying though. I’m not the type of girl who thinks she must own 59392 pairs of shoes!

    • I keep thinking, “I should keep these old shoes for yardwork and gardening” … I should add that I don’t have a yard and I own one plant that is genetically programmed to die in 3 months if I don’t find it a mate.

  7. I can’t help but admire how colourful the picture is. I always go for look and colour first – and then pout when they are pried from my hands and replaced by a boring “same old” practical pair.

    • I often hate the colourful ones at first and then grow to love them – like those obnoxious orange ones. I bought them because they were marked down to $60 and the newer colourless model was $120 … and now I love the flashy obnoxiousness.

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