As clumsy as you’ve been there’s no one laughing

Not my ankle, but close enough.

Suddenly I have cankles.  Correction, a cankle.  I first noticed the weird swelling Tuesday evening, but Husband thought I was being paranoid.  By Wednesday he could no longer ignore  the complete lack of definition in my left formerly-known-as-ankle. 

There has been no noticeable reduction in dimension despite my three-day committment to left-sided RICEing.  It does not hurt to walk or run or hop or skip or jump; it’s just painlessly bloated.  I do not know the cause or the cure.  I suspect it may be related to the expired gel.

Title: Our Lady Peace – Clumsy. 1997.

3 responses to “As clumsy as you’ve been there’s no one laughing

  1. Thanks. You made me google “cankle”. I have now forever skewed google’s search results data.

    PS But as far as definitions go; cankle has a pretty good definition.

    PPS Did you know that WordPress’ built-in spell check does not include the word cankle?

    • Just don’t google image it – cankle = porn. That’s why I switched to elephants.

      The wordpress spellcheck is so behind the times. MW probably has cankle. Afterall, they added LOL.

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