I’m hot, sticky sweet from my head to my feet

I have an Around the Bay FuelBelt curse.  I do not know what I did to deserve a cursing, but I can only imagine that the transgression was particularly bad.  There is no other explanation.  See evidence from 2009

Yesterday I broke the cardinal rule of racing: do not try anything new on race day.  I tried three new FuelBelt brand water bottles.  I carry my own liquid during Around the Bay because the aid stations are “approximately every five kilometres”.  This is neither accurate nor frequent enough for my compulsion liking.  

At 6 am I filled the three new bottles with lemon-lime Gatorade, packed my FuelBelt, and drove to the bay.  As I got ready for the race the bottles felt strangely sticky and I assumed – wrongly, I’ve since learned- that I spilled some Gatorade in my sleep-deprived state of bottle filling.  I am very apt to spill Gatorade or get distracted and overfill bottles, so this was not a conclusion without precedence.  Also, I was worried about race day attire and did not give my FuelBelt the attention it needed.  At least I got the what to wear part right.  I cluelessly strapped on the belt and lined up behind the start banner. 

At 3K (every 3K is to my liking) I grab Bottle 1 from its house on the front left for my first refreshing drink.  Mysteriously, the bottle is empty.  What happened to my lemon-lime Gatorade?  I looked around, confused, as though I might find the precious neon electrolytes somewhere on the road.  As the sticky liquid quickly seeped through my wicking layers I found the Gatorade.  In my increasing damp shirt and tights.  The entire contents drained all over me.  Not only was I sticky mess, but I looked like I lemon-lime peed my pants.  No, I am not that hardcore.  To my relief Bottles 2 and 3 seemed reasonably intact, in that they still contained some (but not all) fluid.  At 6K I attempted to drink from Bottle 2.  Half went in my mouth, half dribbled down my shirt into my welcoming bra.  Of course.  Repeat at 9K with Bottle 3.  As though I was drinking from a childish joke cup.  Half in, half down my shirt, leaving an attractive lemon-lime bib around my neck.  

Not one to let a lemon-lime leak throw me off my game, I stoically soldiered on.  Upon successful completion of the race I hugged a friend and promptly adhered to him, my Gatorade forming some sort of superglue.  That last part is a lie, but he did smell faintly of lime after.  Before contaminating anyone else I dashed to the stadium washroom for a quick hooker bath to scrub away the remaining substance.  And so ended my fourth run around the bay. 

Title: Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me.  1987.

11 responses to “I’m hot, sticky sweet from my head to my feet

  1. Between this and that chocolate Gu accident from awhile ago, you’re on a roll.

  2. I do not like the 5k gaps either. But, as I am prone to disasters such as this, I run belt-less and do some soldiering on of my own.

    No belt for you for Boston. Between the Aid Stations Proper, and the loving fans, there’s fluids every 10 feet!

  3. I thought you were testing out a new way to take on fluids- absorption!! Figured the GU was to thick so you tried something less viscous this time. Let me know if you ever do discover an alternative way to replenish.

  4. Thanks for making me smile. Hope your race was otherwise good. I enjoyed it immensely and ran (for me!) a good time so it was well worth the trip. Being from NS, I enjoyed the rolling hills of Burlington and didn’t actually mind the big hill at 26km all that much. Guess there are some advantages to living in a place where you pretty much have to run hills if you’re going to run any distance. 🙂

    • Congrats on a great race – what a great day to visit (the best weather in my four years). I had a terrific run, no complaints except the sticky ones. I saw some TnT cheerleaders on course, but did not see the runners.

      • It was a great day! Glad you had a good race too. I think there were 22 or 23 TNT runners on the course – not a lot in the midst of such a big crowd – but they did great and raised a lot of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you haven’t already been involved in TNT, you might want to think about it. They offer opportunities to attend some terrific races – like the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.

  5. As the huggee in your blog, I can tell you that I am now searching for a lime & lemon cologne, as the whiff will forever be associated in my mind with that ‘run-is-done’ high that overides the pain two minutes after you pass the finish line of a successful race…
    And in your modest way, you forgot to relate that you achived a new PB in the race – so maybe sticky is the way to go for you!

    • I think you’ve got an expo best-selling idea on your hands. Eau de finish line. (the name would be more impressive if I could remember the French for finish line).

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