I don’t need no beast of burden

Monster month = monster appetite.  I need to feed the long run beast.  This happens every training cycle. 

Today at 2 pm, at my desk, I made s’mores.  My coworkers must secretly suspect I have a tape worm.  

I made s’mores without marshmallows because I don’t eat vile food that doesn’t look, smell, or taste like food.  Also I didn’t melt the chocolate.  I worried a bunsen burner might cross the fire code line.  Also I used cookies instead of graham crackers.  No reason, except one of convenience, as in I conveniently had cookies at my desk. 

So technically I ate a bag of animal cookies covered in chocolate buds.  Calling them s’mores sounds classier than calling it what it is.  A pathetic binge.  Yeah, it’s a sad scale when s’more is the sophisticated end point.  

 Title: Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden. 1978.

15 responses to “I don’t need no beast of burden

  1. I keep waiting for Health or Fitness or one of those other magazines to break the amazing new “tape worm diet!” A bunch of bloggers undoubtedly would jump on the bandwagon and all proclaim how easily they lost 20 lbs just by using tape worms.

    Actually I’m getting a really good blog post idea…

    • I will listen to my body and if it needs a tapeworm I should give it a tapeworm.

      p.s. That diet totally worked for a guy I knew in high school. Went on an exchange, got a tapeworm, returned as half the man he used to be.

  2. Are you running Around the Bay this weekend? My TNT friends and I would LOVE to meet the author of this blog.

    • Not so much running as flameout out in an impressive blaze of glory, but yes I will be there. Would totally be up for a meet up … I’ll be hanging around until about 12.45 pm. Don’t tell my stalkers.

      • I suspect we may not finish until at least 12:45 so guess we’ll have to catch you next time. Have a great race!

        If you find yourself in Halifax running Bluenose one day, be sure to let me know so we can show you some proper East Coast hospitality while you’re here.

        • That one is on my list! I may be around longer than expected (depends on when the last of my group comes in), so swing by section 118 when you finish just in case.

  3. I ate a ton of non-foods last week. All Inclusive vacationing four weeks away from a goal marathon is a dangerous thing. I have Buffet Belly and need to get on track asap, although my office day binges are still present, unsatisfied by the previous 7 days of ‘if it’s edible, eat it’

  4. On the one day that I forget to pack her lunch… See what happens to her diet when I’m not around to make sure she’s fueling properly???? It’s tragic.

  5. I have one word for you–sandwich maker (ok, so I guess that’s two words). It’s a little machine that folds over on itself to make panini sandwiches. You can use it to heat up chocolate on cookies (smores!) at your desk with no open flame, just plug it in! Throw in some peanut butter and a banana and you have a serious meal. You might find yourself “forgetting” to pack a lunch more and more often…

  6. check this out!

  7. watch it to the end🙂

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