Warm beer and bread they said could raise the dead

Have you ever been asked that old nugget, if you could invite five people, living or dead, to dinner who would you invite and why?  Yeah, I hate that question too.  Let’s play, with the obvious running twist.  I’ll go first.

1. Terry Fox – Why?  Childhood hero.  I once went to a museum to look at his shoes.  So yeah, I’m a fan.

2. Jacqueline Gareau – Why?  She’s the one that Rosie Ruiz totally screwed over and she handled it with grace.

3. Simon Whitfield – Why?  My enormous crush He stars in one of my favourite Olympic moments and is the only person on the list I’ve run with FOR REAL. 

4. Roger Bannister – Why?  Science geek and runner.  Just like me.  Except for the neurologist and record breaking parts.

5. Roger Robinson – Why?  I love his articles on running and I think he’d be good at filling those inevitable awkward silences at the dinner table.

And if any of them send their regrets,

Tom Longboat – Why?  Controversy and stories of intrigue followed him as he raced – and often bested – the greats of the time (Shrubb, Pietri). 


Your turn!  (Conveniently bolded and exclamation marked so you know to reply.  Even if you only want one guest.  I know it’s a lot of work to host a dinner party, even an imaginary one with dead invitees).


Title: Jimmy Buffett – Cheeseburger in Paradise.  1978.

13 responses to “Warm beer and bread they said could raise the dead

  1. Hm.

    We’ll go with:
    Joaquin Phoenix & James Franco: For crazy, oddly attractive freak shows
    Jon Hamm: Because he’s awesome in every single way
    Anthony Bourdain: Because he’d be entertaining as fuck
    Larry David: To judge everyone with me.


  2. 1. Lauren Fleshman. I just want to hear in person how she pulled off that last 600 meters in Des Moines last summer to take the 5000 meter title.
    2. Boston Billy. Got to see him at our little half marathon in November. The guy is a blast.
    3. John Nguyen. A super guy that I’ve met in this imaginary world wide web.
    4. Gary of Margarine fame. I figure if I could get him to eat some gluten I would be a hero to the dozen or so remaining contestants in the furry varmit chase series.
    5. You of course. For the song lyrics worked seamlessly into any topic of conversation. I would just watch in amazement.

    • Alas, my excessive use of the statement “isn’t that a song lyric” grows tiresome quickly. On the upside, my running mates really develop their speed trying to get away.

  3. I created a separate post linking to you because I was having too much fun thinking of all sorts of folks…sorry.

  4. dang. i’m already invited to slow ernie’s joint for dinner, so I probably wouldn’t even be hungry after that. Besides, I likely wouldn’t be able to eat given the stench from the dead people.

    george sheehan, joannie, tom mayfield (guy in san angelo who inspired me to start this nonsense in 1979) and Scott Jurek (to get him drunk and find out what he REALLY thinks about Deano.) Fifth spot reserved for Husband, to pry out embarrassing stories about you to post here for years to come.

    • It isn’t a dinner party if someone doesn’t drunkenly tell you what they really think about so and so … I’m just glad you targetted Jurek for this honour and not Husband.

    • And I thought you wanted me for me! Now I’ll really have to give your invitation some thought. I hope you realize that my conservative nature would cause me to want to have all stories pre-screened by the boss of me.

  5. My list is pretty easy: Frank Shorter, Frank Shorter, Frank Shorter, Frank Shorter, Frank Shorter. Hopefully by the fifth dinner he’d realize we were totally meant to be together and ask me to marry him. (I’d say yes.)

  6. The first person to get my construction paper, crayon, glue & sparkles invite to dinner would have to be Φειδιππίδης (Pheidippides). I have so many questions for that guy. Since I don’t speak greek, my second invite would go to an interpreter. I know this is somewhat outside the parameters, but I would invite Forrest Gump b/c he knows how to tell a story. Fred Lebow gets a nod – who better to get advice from on starting your own marathon? Dave Scott-Thomas makes my list, as he’s probably Canada’s top distance running coach I think there’s a lot I can learn there (not just running but coaching too, and someone has to help Runshorts develop the next ultrasecret training plan).

    If you allow me a sixth person to make up for my interpreter, I would ask Roger Bannister (first to do a sub-4 mile… ‘Nuf said).

    It should go without saying that all dinner parties at the Runshorts homestead include Runshorts herself.

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