Weekend Mix Tape Volume 11

The 11th edition of the weekend mix tape.  I have a strange affinity for numbers that are prime, palindrome, or repeating patterns.  A palindromic prime, 11 is high on my list of likes.  For you, 11 links from around the webs that will shock, amuse, or stimulate conversation on your next group run.

  1. Menacing Thug come out in favour of running with music.  You’ll be fine.  Trust him. 
  2. RunningUSA announced that over half a million Americans ran 42.2K 26.2 miles last year.  Five nifty factoids you may have missed if you only read the catchy headline.
  3. A playlist after my own heart.  The Radical 80s Running Mix.  I was in elementary school, but I was definitely rad.  Admittedly, around 90% of the titles are already on my iPod.
  4. Less is less – a lesson in fast running or running faster.  No more bemoaning your lack of Kenyaness.
  5. Do you listen to your body?  Is your body a needy, greedy, lazy little bitch that should probably be ignored?
  6. A marathon … at night?  One runner’s brain considers the lure of the moonlit Las Vegas Marathon
  7. If you’ve been reading my blog or following my twitter feed you know I can relate to this $600 quest for a pair of decent running shoes.
  8. Guelph wants to be Canada’s track down.  Seriously.
  9. How do you run faster (than your run partners)?  Race alligators.
  10. After your youth and good looks fade, where will your running be in 30 years?
  11. Awesome things #286? Seeing a dog or cat chase its own tail.
  12. Bonus Track:  My new favourite Ode to Marathon Pace.

2 responses to “Weekend Mix Tape Volume 11

  1. Can I tell you how much I love these posts? (And not just because you’ve linked to me.) Always something I’ve missed.

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