Mr. Jones and me staring at the video

PSA: Do not google image "teen steam".

Remember Who’s the Boss?  I thought Sam was so cool, which I realize confirms all the nerdy suspicions you ever had about me.  Do cut me some slack.  I lived in the middle of nowhere.  We didn’t have cable (it’s not available in the middle of nowhere, even today) and so I watched the three channels we managed to get with our antenna, however fuzzy.  The station airing Who’s the Boss transmitted to nowhere.  About eight times a day. 

What I didn’t watch was her 1988 workout video, Alyssa Milano’s Teen Steam Workout.  I love that in the 1980s the only qualifications for releasing a workout video were skinniness and small screen fame.  By the power of YouTube, a cross training experience for you to enjoy:

I love the shoes.  Bonus points if you can identify the make.

Title: Counting Crows – Mr. Jones. 1993.

11 responses to “Mr. Jones and me staring at the video

  1. there are so many good things about these videos. i wish jillian was this tough. and if only i had a belt like that to workout in. tomorrow i will remember to warm up so that i am ready for the good stuff.

  2. Is that a Corey Haim photo on her nightstand?

  3. Fila? Puma?

    I recognize the logo …. argh.

  4. I kind of love you for digging this up. Somewhere I have a binder of 80’s workout tips that I need to find just for blog fodder…

  5. as fate would have it, i arrive home from work these days at 3 a.m.

    the only option other than c-span re-runs and P90X enticements on my telly is Who’s The Boss. Two hours straight. I am serious. hallmark channel shows Who’s the Boss from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. Somebody in programming thought this would be a fine idea. Somebody in programming is a bad, bad person.

    Part of becoming a good runner is developing a tolerance to suffering. I am going to be a great runner.

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