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Mix Tape Volume 23

Mix_TapeFound this one in a draft folder from several months ago. I just left a potluck and I’m too full of cheesecake to sit and write, so I’m opting to hit publish. The articles may be dated and irrelevant, the links may be dead, but I feel good for having made another contribution to the Internets. Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 22

The Mix Tape celebrated its one year anniversary and then faded away. Faded because I now do almost all my reading on wee little gadgets and have pages bookmarked on four different devices and I’m too lazy busy to re-find my favourites. I spent the better part of Family Day long weekend ignoring my family and cleaning up my messy digital life, but still didn’t revive the mixed tape. Today I don’t feel up to addressing the Boston-sized elephant in the room, instead I want to carry on with something familiar. The mixed tape.

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Mix Tape Volume 21

Around this time last year I started the mix tape.  The original goal was to post a new mix weekly, but sporadically seems to suit me better. I can’t be confined by a calendar.  This week is the best yet.  (Like every good reality TV show, I’m going to make this promise every week). Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 19

This is a super-sized edition – I spent some time cleaning up my bookmarks and transferring to a new feed and I’m too lazy to edit down to the best it’s all worth reading.      Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 15

A selection of articles from around the Internets that every runner should read.  Each one guaranteed* to make you run faster. Continue reading

Weekend Mix Tape Volume 14

The Mix Tape is back and better than ever*.  Try to contain yourself. Continue reading

Weekend Mix Tape Volume 13

The 13th edition of running stuff from The Internets that is more interesting than my hypochondria injuries, complaints about spring, and barn raisings:

Weekend Mix Tape Volume 12

This week you get both sides of the tape.  You are welcome.

Weekend Mix Tape Volume 11

The 11th edition of the weekend mix tape.  I have a strange affinity for numbers that are prime, palindrome, or repeating patterns.  A palindromic prime, 11 is high on my list of likes.  For you, 11 links from around the webs that will shock, amuse, or stimulate conversation on your next group run.

  1. Menacing Thug come out in favour of running with music.  You’ll be fine.  Trust him. 
  2. RunningUSA announced that over half a million Americans ran 42.2K 26.2 miles last year.  Five nifty factoids you may have missed if you only read the catchy headline.
  3. A playlist after my own heart.  The Radical 80s Running Mix.  I was in elementary school, but I was definitely rad.  Admittedly, around 90% of the titles are already on my iPod.
  4. Less is less – a lesson in fast running or running faster.  No more bemoaning your lack of Kenyaness.
  5. Do you listen to your body?  Is your body a needy, greedy, lazy little bitch that should probably be ignored?
  6. A marathon … at night?  One runner’s brain considers the lure of the moonlit Las Vegas Marathon
  7. If you’ve been reading my blog or following my twitter feed you know I can relate to this $600 quest for a pair of decent running shoes.
  8. Guelph wants to be Canada’s track down.  Seriously.
  9. How do you run faster (than your run partners)?  Race alligators.
  10. After your youth and good looks fade, where will your running be in 30 years?
  11. Awesome things #286? Seeing a dog or cat chase its own tail.
  12. Bonus Track:  My new favourite Ode to Marathon Pace.

Weekend Mix Tape Volume 10

Another week, another mix tape.  Just a  few this week.   A mixed “cassingle”.  Seriously, remember those?  If you want/need more, check out Mix Tapes 1-9

Whoopsie.  Adidas messes up the Boston Marathon jacket.  Related story: Boston jacket sale!  

Those crazy running dreams.  Like showing up at a race naked late.

Signs a house is occupied by runners.  Check, check, check, check ….

Stunt running by eating.  Only at McDonald’s.  For the 30 days before your race.  McRunner (not my name for him, his name for him) wisely recommends you “don’t try this at home”.  Or, I presume, at McDonald’s.   Follow every bite and mile.

I’ve made the near fatal prerun mistake of eating like a python.  Assuming pythons eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies before a hill training workout.

Weekend Mix Tape Volume 9

All running and no reading makes a runner fast dull.  Enjoy.

A car deliberately tries to run down a group of cyclists.  Like everything these days, it was caught on tape.  Mais amore, menos motor.  #Notanaccident

Found, one famous waffle iron.  Or an old rusty hoax.   Waffles.   Now I want #pancakes.

Mark Remy scores an exclusive interview with the robot marathon winner.  Thanks to keen programmers, no walls were hit in the running of this marathon.  #tigerblood

A recent study found that Americans are fatter than Canadians.   Canadians are quite fat.  Americans are fatter than Canadians.  Therefore Americans are fatter than quite fat?  #weightwars

Do it yourself gear for when you just can’t get what you want in the store.  Like FuelBelt banana holders.  #thingsnooneneeds

Is any mile ever a junk mile?  What if your poop is high and your rudder deep?  #oxfordvswebster

The Canadian men announce their fall marathon plans and a 36 year record holder gets worried.  #youngguns

Anyone can run with their dog, but your cat may have untapped marathon potential.  #stupidpettricks

Man runs Toyko Marathon while streaming the 6.5 hour odyssey on an assortment of Apple made gadgets, including on iPad monitor strapped to his back.  Oh, and that guy from the Chilean mine ran it too, 30 minutes fast than in New York.   But he didn’t live tweet along the way.  #luddite.

Man will attempt to solve 100 Rubik’s cubes will running the London Marathon.   It takes him 31 seconds to solve one cube.  That’s less than an hour of puzzle solving time for a four hour marathoner.  His potential is at least 400.  #underachiever.

Ron Hill’s road to the London Olympics.  First step, a sub 60-minute 10K.  #longshot

Comfortable is in, over/under/neutral is out.  Someday our shoeless descendants will curiously look at those over-structured shoes on display in a local museum and say no wonder it took them hours to run -or win- a marathon.  #winningwarlock

Weekend Mixed Tape Volume 8

Another week, another collection of running amusements from around the interwebs.

Mixed Tapes Volume 7

Mixed Tape Volume 6

A Starbucks Trenta cup sized mixed tape of the best (and weirdest) running news from around the interwebs.   13 links.  It’s the weekend.  Don’t pretend you have anything better to do.

Friday’s Mixed Tape Volume 5

The first Friday of 2011.  Technically Saturday, but I forgot to press publish yesterday.  Even though no one seems to read these posts or follow the links, I feel fulfilled having shared with you the best of running on the world wide webs.  If you choose to remain unfulfilled and uninformed I will still fall asleep at night knowing I have done my small part.