I’ll give a little bit of my love to you

Last year I posted a List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything, Including Everything on the List I Posted Last Year, which was the followup to the 2011 List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who have Everything. This isn’t a list for new runners who need shoes and coats, this is a list for runners who have the basics and might appreciate something a little different. Items from past years’ lists have appeared in the 2013 lists of popular running publications, so if you want to be cutting edge (as far as it goes among runners), this is the place for ideas.

So this year I bring you another List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything, Including Everything on the List I Posted Last Year and the Year Before (and Lots of Closet Space)**.

Oiselle PJs

1. Oiselle’s “Podium Pajamas”. They say “Fortune favors the bold and the well rested. Sleep now. And make every step count tomorrow. The Finish Line awaits you.” I’ve already ordered a set.

Across tracks movie

2. Across the Tracks, starring a young Brad Pitt and an old Rick (no Y) Schroder. The best worst running movie of all time.

<3 run tank

3. I <3 To Run “Baby Got Track” tee. It’s silly, I like it. I also like the track, even though my slow to fast twitch ratio is about 90-10.

Pre necklace

4. From Prefontaine Productions, a “Love to Run on the Track” necklace. Designed by Pre’s sister. To really bring it home, it says Inspired by Pre on the back. Guaranteed PB if worn while running, I hope.

Nathan spurlight

5. Nathan LightSpur. I’m an ID-less ninja runner who hates extras like bouncy butt lights, but this out of the way little heel clamp could totally work for fate-testing fusspots like me.

Book never wipe ass with a squirrel

6. The title is enough to tell me this book, Never Wipe Your Butt With a Squirrel: A Trail Running, Ultramarathon, and Wilderness Survival Guide for Weird Folks, is a must read for all trail runners, ultra runners and weird folks.

Ink n burn sweater

7. Seems the Ugly Sweater Run is the latest themed fun run craze, so why not wear a tech holiday ‘sweater’ shirt from Ink n Burn*? The bonus is you are both comfortable in tech wear and not a sweaterless party pooper. The women’s version is shown, but men, they have options for you too.
*They have some seriously cool gear. And some seriously weird gear. Which is cool.

Ultraspire water cup

8. Ultraspire Reusable Cup. I hate the amount of waste that races generate. I would carry this cup if there were easy on course refill options (i.e. not dumping water from a reusable cup into my cup, because, yeah, that doesn’t help).


9. I admit, I am hooked on Buffs. I wore one daily in Iceland and now I don’t know how I ever survived time in the wilds without one. These cool videos show you some of the 10,000 ways to wear one.

Patagonia shoesSanuk

10. Post-run recovery shoes. After a cold wet run I love to sit around drinking tea with my friends, but I don’t love sitting around with wet feet while drinking tea with my friends. The best post-run shoes are warm and fuzzy and don’t require finger dexterity to put on. I have the two shown from Patagonia and Sanuk and they are simply the best.

11. Motivational Temporary Running Tattoos (or a million other options on Etsy), for a non-permanent boost. I’d like one with an angry motivational mantra. Any ideas?


12. As seen on TV (translation: guaranteed awesome), Kanga Jump Boots, because if you have everything and closet space and you’ve been told cross-training is good for injury prevention, why not?


13. I don’t have a dog yet, but when I do, poor thing. A Ruffwear backpack or reflective vest is the least of his clothing-related worries.


14. Snowshoes, specially designed for running on snow. It’s a million times harder than running on no snow. You don’t know slow until you’ve tried to do a tempo run in snow shoes.

Nap pillows

15. Household items that encourage training, like NAP scrabble pillows. My training theory is ‘anything that will help’, even a bossy pillow.

Yes to carrots wipes

16. Face wipes. You can never have enough, although you can fake a shower with just three.


17. Schwings! Wings you add to your shoes. To make you look (and feel) fast. And a little childish. But who cares if you can run faster. Also, you get to say schwing and you’ve been wanted an excuse to say that ever since you rewatched Wayne’s World on Netflix.


Randies. Two years ago I suggested rundies, this year things get a bit cheekier, pardon the pun. The undies tell you to ‘run your butt off’, ‘get your rear in gear’ and ‘lead from behind’. I still love my rundies, but they just tell you what workout to do, and there is no rundie for hills, which is a critical omission.

hair ties

19. Yes, everyone is wearing creaseless hair ties, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them. It’s an easy and practical way to show your team colours or to be a bit festive. I won’t post a link because about a thousand people make and sell them on Etsy (that, and if you can find fold-over elastic – which I can’t, even though I live in the biggest city in my entire country – you can even make your own). Go team spirit!

Tide sport

20. Tide Sport. The runner on your list may have everything, including a lingering smell.

**The List of AGIFRWHEIEOTLIPLYATYB(ALOCS) is full of awesomeness, but be assured it is NOT full of sponsor shout-outs posted under the guise of a helpful holiday shopping list. Although I own or have recently ordered a few of the items listed, none of the things have been given to me for free or in exchange for a review. Indeed, most of the things on the list I do not own and/or have never used and so this is not so much an endorsement but a random collection of stuff that tickles me and might tickle you. (Check out the past lists for more of the same). That said, if any of the makers of the mentioned things want to give me any of the mentioned things for free, well, I won’t say no. My funds are limited but my desires are not!

Title: Supertramp – Give a Little Bit. 1977.

4 responses to “I’ll give a little bit of my love to you

  1. Great list. Haha….funny, I ran the Ugly Sweater Run today. (#7) Would have helped to have that shirt for sure.

    • Nice review – although for next year I think you should make a holiday shrug to go over your shirt :)! I wanted to go, but couldn’t convince anyone else to run… and it seemed like the kind of run to do with buddies.

  2. Holiday sweater top is AMAZING.

    • I think they are so fun – they actually have two options, plus it comes in tank top version! If it wasn’t for the price -and my running gear 2013 shopping hiatus – I’d own one already :).

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