Through the woods we ran (deep into the mountain song)

So, trail running is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Hiking on the other hand, in theory I love, but in practice I get really impatient and end up running most of the hike. This is a useful habit on vacation when I’m trying to cram as many magical sites as possible into a fixed period of time.

During my two week stint in Iceland I got in some trail runs that were so amazing I can’t find words to describe them. The rain was torrential, the winds gale force, and the temps so chilling I wore everything I packed every single day. Still, each moment was some combination of breath-taking, amazing, inspiring and weird. It was almost perfect.


Yes, we did run up that volcano.


Yes, I almost died of vertigo.



Washing off 10 pounds of mud in a bath temperature stream. Every trail should have one at the end.

Title: Of Monsters and amen – Mountain Sound. 2012.

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2 responses to “Through the woods we ran (deep into the mountain song)

  1. I’m getting cold and jealous just looking at these photos.

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